2018 A G E N D A  



8:00AM-8:00AM       BREAKFAST

8:00AM- 8:10AM   

Welcome and Introduction

 Conference Director: Steve Feinstein

 Conference Co-Directors: Stephanie Wilson and Petros Nihoyannopoulos

8:10AM- 8:30AM      

Remembering Hans Juergen Willmann - Stephanie Wilson


CEUS Updates Around the World - SESSION I

Chairs: Stephanie Wilson and Petros Nihoyannopoulos

ICUS: Mark Weller and Ed Dougherty

IAC: Beverly Gorman

Regulatory Reports From Around the World - FDA - EMA - WFUMB - CEUS Updates: Mike Main, Roxy Senior, Christian Nolsoe


CEUS Clinical Trials – SESSION II

Chairs: Anthony DeMaria and Melissa Tracy

Kullervo Hynynen - Ongoing Brain Cancer Therapy

Wilson Mathias, Jr - Updates on Coronary Sonothrombolysis

Beth McCarville – Therapeutic Monitoring of Intermediate and High-Risk Rhabdomyosarcoma: Preliminary Results from a Pilot Study

Hessel Wjkstra – Prostate Imaging from Bench to Bedside and Beyond: Clinical Trials and Clinical Implementation

Pintong Huang - CEUS in PTMC and Cervical LN Metastasis: Assessment of Thermal Ablation Effect CEUS

10:45AM-11:15AM    BREAK



Chairs: John Knudsen and Maria Cristina Chammas

Fabio Piscaglia – Characterization of Portal Vein Thombosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma on Cirrhosis: Role of CEUS

Yuko Kono – CEUS in HCC Diagnosis, LI-RADS and AASLD Guidelines

Stephanie Wilson –  CEUS of LI-RADS LR-M

John Eisenbrey -  Microbubble Cavitation for Augmenting HCC Radiotherapy

Ed Grant - Cost Effective Use of CEUS in Liver Disease

12:30PM-1:15PM        LUNCH


Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials – SESSION IV

Chairs: Harvey Feigenbaum and Sharon Mulvagh

Paul Grayburn - Myocyte Regeneration with CEUS

Henrik Sillesen – Contrast for Vascular Disease; What's the Use?

Luciano Agati - Intraventricular Flow Dynamics in Patients

Jonathan Lindner – Cavitation to Augment Tissue Perfusion: Pre-clinical and Clinical Trial Events

2:15PM-2:45PM    BREAK  


Novel CEUS Applications – SESSION V

Chairs: Dan Adam and Sanjiv Kaul

Thomas Fischer – Novel Urological Applications of CEUS

Richard Barr – Renal CEUS: Modified Bosniak Categories

Thomas Grant – Initial Renal Perfusion Studies 

Flemming Forsberg -  Subharmonic Prostate Imaging for Biopsy Guidance




Misun Hwang – Common and Emerging Clinical Applications of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Neonates

Tobias Kummer - Utility of Real-Time Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in the evaluation of soft tissue hematomas

Harald Becher – Preliminary Results: Coronary Sonothrombolysis


7:15AM-8:00AM    BREAKFAST


Novel Acoustic Imaging - SESSION VI

Chairs: Franco Pizzuto and Brian Fowlkes

Paul Dayton - Ultra-Fast CEUS Imaging

Mengxing Tang - 3D Velocity and Volume Flow Measurement Using High Frame Rate CEUS

Tom Porter – Acoustic Activation of Intravenous Droplets

Anthony DeMaria: - New “Small Microbubbles”


Acoustics – SESSION VII

Chairs: James Miller and Seth Powsner

Mario Fabiilli – Acoustic Responsive Scaffolds: A Method for Spatial/temporal Control in Tissue Engineering

Massimo Mischi – Advances in Multiparametric 3D Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Nico de Jong - Monodispersed Beats Polydispersed Microbubbles

Mike Averkiou- S QIBA (Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance) CEUS Perfusion Quantification standardization

Evan Unger – Early Detection of Pancreatic Ductal  Adeno Carcinoma with a Clinically Translatable Ultrasound Contrast Agent

10:15AM-10:45AM    BREAK


CEUS Cellular Physiology – SESSION VIII

Chairs: Arend Schinkel and Mark Monaghan

Klazina Kooiman – New Insights into Microbubble-Mediated Drug Delivery from Combined Confocal Microscopy and Brandaris 128 Ultra-High Speed Imaging

John Pacella - The Role of Nitric Oxide during Sonoreperfusion of Microvascular Obstruction

Liza Villanueva - Endothelial Cell Repair Biophysics during Ultrasound and Microbubble Sonoporation

Rik Vos - High Frame Rate Microbubble-enhanced Velocimetry

11:45AM-12:45PM    LUNCH


Expert Case Presentations - SESSION IX

Chairs: Folkert ten Cate, Len Greenbaum and Paolo Voci

Dirk Clevert - The Use of CEUS for Evaluation and Follow Up After Treatment of Uterine Myoma by MRI-High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Ablation

Arnaldo Rabischoffsky – Three Short Cases of Clinical Application of Ultrasonic Enhancing Agent

Roxy Senior – CEUS Stress Echo in Patients with LBBB 

J. Kenneth Ford – TBD

Hans Peter Weskott – CEUS Helps to Characterize the Abdominal Manifestation of Extra-Nodal Non- Hodgkin Lymphoma


Wrap Up Panel Discussions – SESSION X

Chairs: Petros Nihoyannopoulos and Harold Sandler

Panelists:  Payman Sattar, Tochi Okwuosa, Sarah Alexander, Andrew Appis, Orpheus Kolokythas, Charlotte Bai

Expert Analysis and Hands-On Training - SESSION XI


BREAK:  Ballroom changeover – training stations for  imaging machines and contrast agents set up around perimeter (seating removed).  Snacks and beverages served near the Registration Desk and in The Taste breakfast room during this period for attendees.


CHAIRS: Steve Feinstein and Stephanie Wilson

TRAINING  STATION  ASSIGNED  EXPERTS: Yuko Kono, Sharon Mulvagh,  Beth Thompson, Petros Nihoyannopoulos, Hans Peter Weskott,  Folkert ten Cate,  Arnaldo Rabischoffsky, Fabio Piscaglia

TRAINING STATIONS:  BRACCO, CANON, GE HEALTHCARE, HITACHI ALOKA, LANTHEUS, MINDRAY, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS. A series of brief comments by experts will introduce the concept of CEUS for Cardiology and Radiology in a practical, interactive discussion. During this introductory session, we will encourage questions from the group to determine what are their interests or concerns regarding contrast usage in both cardiology and radiology.  Professional Trainers and Applications  Specialists will  demonstrate  imaging on live models  at each station on the world’s latest imaging  systems and contrast agents.  At approximately 10-15 minute intervals, the attendees will then rotate to another station. We will offer two raffle prizes for those who attend all  of the stations.